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Ron Westray: Man or Machine?

It’s a fair question. Ron Westray is one of those rare individuals who breezes into town for a while, assumes the throne of Jazz Royalty, and then leaves for greener pastures when the “Live Music Capital of the World” reveals itself to be…well, something other than that. Ron is an amazing trombonist, and we were …

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That’s right.  This broad has it all. Lest you have any doubts, I can dispel them instantly.  Just click on the AJW Featured Track to the right.  Go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait. dum da dum dum dum deedle dee… Did you do it?  Good!  Now you’re listening to Mady Kaye singing Cole …

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One of my favorite seasons in recent memory (because recent memory is all I have left) was the Rahsaan Roland Kirk season, presented in 2008-09.  Partly this was due to the incredible talent we had lined up, including Ron Westray on trombone (more on him to come) and Alex Coke on flute, saxophone, and garden …

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