Monthly Archives: July, 2015

OK, so maybe I’m not always the World’s Best Dad.

I try, OK?  And mostly succeed.  But every now and then, I remember something that gives me a pang of guilt.  A time when I could have been better, but just didn’t wannu. Here’s an example: when our daughters were around eleven years old, we found ourselves going to a lot of Bar & Bat …

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The Day Cannonball Fired Charles Lloyd

Thanks to old buddy Alex Coke, I recently finished reading a book on the life of Julian ‘Cannonball Adderley called Walk Tall: The Music & Life of Julian “Cannonball” Adderley.  Alex was kind enough to gift me the book he just read before he hopped a plane back to the more jazz-friendly, or at least …

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Indian Food Made Easy. No, like, Ridiculously Easy.

First off, I know almost nothing about the true preparation of Indian food.  I have no Indian friends or even acquaintances.  I’m no longer a UT student, and in my neck of the woods, Indians tend to keep pretty much to themselves.  Which is just as well, because if they saw how I was cooking …

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