Monthly Archives: June, 2016

The Clueless Cook

Now that I have changed what I allow myself to eat by a factor of–oh, let’s say a zillion–I have assumed responsibility for preparing virtually everything that goes into my mouth.  We may eat out occasionally, but even then I am very careful when ordering, to the point of deconstructing the menu, sometimes to the …

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You want us to play where?!

Musicians put up with a lot of strange requests, hopefully with good grace, but one thing we do like assurance on is that we will be allowed to play in a location that is adequately lit, covered, spacious enough, and in some appropriate proximity to those we are playing for, i.e. other people.  OK, I …

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One-Lane Boulevard

I finally got around to seeing Robin Williams’ last dramatic role, in the 2014 film Boulevard.  This makes me part of a select few, because not many people saw this stinker.  It had a limited release, primarily on the festival circuit.  Even though it is Robin Williams’ swan song, most people probably found the subject …

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