Monthly Archives: December, 2012

One Chicken Feeds Forty

There are certain ingredients that are essential to any ethnic kitchen.   If you are Italian, you can’t do without fresh garlic.  Mexican?  Corn tortillas and cumin.  Indian?  We got your garam masala, right here. But if it’s a Jewish kitchen: let’s face it, things will come to a complete standstill without the most essential …

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I Gave My Love a Cream Cheese Swirl Brownie

Back by popular demand, a recipe absolutely nobody asked for, but it’s one of my favorites and you can thank me later. This is from my pastry chef days at The Homefried Truckstop,  so it was road-tested numerous times and proved to be a big seller.  Those we didn’t scarf down ourselves, that is.  Collective …

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Pete Townshend–The Man, The Myth, The Mensch

It seems to be the time of the season for rock star dinosaurs–those who survive, at least–to pick over the bone-yards of their lives and offer up answers to the burning questions all of us flower children have nursed for so many years.  Such as, “Just how large is Mick Jagger, really?” First it was …

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