Monthly Archives: December, 2013

Blank Check–The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Next year will the be the 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney motion picture Blank Check.  I assume you already have tickets to the Hollywood Gala, or the simulcast planned for Washington DC, Tokyo, London, Paris, and Madrid.  Or perhaps, like me, you will pass on all the hoopla and stay home, cozied up to …


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Ya know what really chaps my quiddick?

The following is an edited version of a Facebook thread I started a few weeks back.  Other than my own, the names have been reduced to initials.  If my friends are still recognizable–well, that’s just the way I do ’em.  –MM “It really pisses me off when people get more gigs than me just because …

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I like playing Christmas tunes. No, really.

After my last post, I took some flak for daring to suggest that jazz musicians hate playing Take Five.  Even though we do, so enough already with the frickin’ requests. So it may come as a surprise to many that I actually enjoy playing Christmas tunes, especially people who know me personally.  But  rest assured …

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We hate playing ‘Take Five’. Quit requesting it.

OK, it’s time this got put out there again, because the message just doesn’t seem to be getting across. So here it is:  We hate playing ‘Take Five’.  Quit requesting it. Even if only a tiny fraction of club-goers heed this advice, it’s still worth it.  That’s how deep our hatred of this song goes. …

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