Monthly Archives: March, 2012

How to Explain the Internet to your 92-year-old Mother over the Telephone

The short answer: don’t. Really.  It’s a waste of breath.  It only confuses her further.  Who needs the stress? She does, evidently.  She can’t grasp why there are copies of Endle St. Cloud’s Thank You All Very Much on the long-defunct International Artists label being sold on Amazon as CD’s and MP3’s.  Or what an …

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Herding Cats for Fun, Not So Much Profit

  Best thing about being leader of a professional jazz ensemble: the players are all accomplished enough to make their own musical decisions. Worst thing about being the leader of a professional jazz ensemble:  same thing. But if you’re an easygoing guy like me <hey, quitcher laughing over there>, that’s not the worst thing in …

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