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One-Lane Boulevard

I finally got around to seeing Robin Williams’ last dramatic role, in the 2014 film Boulevard.  This makes me part of a select few, because not many people saw this stinker.  It had a limited release, primarily on the festival circuit.  Even though it is Robin Williams’ swan song, most people probably found the subject …

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Life among the Unconsoled

My favorite book, judging by the fact that I’ve now read it twice and I’m contemplating a third go-round, is Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled.  Most readers know him from his shorter, more accessible works like Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go.  Both are excellent, particularly Remains, which spawned a sensitive, understated movie role …

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Mad Men Meanders

Like a lot of people, I fell in love early with Mad Men.  I fell hard and fast.  And I hung in there even as the show seemed to forget its original premise and wander into areas (Betty in a fat suit!  Creepy suicidal British perv!) I had little interest in visiting. But after binge-viewing …

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