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Au Revoir, Miles

The moment is finally here.  In seven days, we put the AJW’s Miles Davis season to bed. It didn’t feel like it would ever end, back in September of last year.  Then, we were looking at an unbroken sea of 124 dates.  Today, there are five left. Over the last nine months, I learned a …

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How to Make a Million Dollars Playing Jazz

Start with two million… I know, ancient, right?  But there is a reason the conventional wisdom is just that. A while back, a friend told me he had been talking about me with his private students.  I assumed it was just another instance of someone offering me up as a cautionary tale, but no.  He …

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That’s right.  This broad has it all. Lest you have any doubts, I can dispel them instantly.  Just click on the AJW Featured Track to the right.  Go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait. dum da dum dum dum deedle dee… Did you do it?  Good!  Now you’re listening to Mady Kaye singing Cole …

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