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My Life with Steve

I spent a fair chunk of the 1980’s living in Eugene, Oregon.  It was a wonderful time of cooperative living, incessant rain, and eight dark years of  Ronald Reagan as President.  OK, maybe there were some issues, but by and large it was quite magical, as long as you never read a newspaper or watched the TV …

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The Death of Poker Night

Around 1975 or so, I lived at the Ark.  Not the ‘two by two’ kind, but the housing cooperative of a hundred residents that was at 2000 Pearl here in Austin.  The building is still there, and it’s still a housing co-op, but it’s no longer called the Ark.  I hope to high heaven that none …

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Loving Poverty, for Fun and (Eventual) Profit

I have had the good fortune of being a member of four families in my life: the one I was born into, the Alwaan housing co-op we started in Austin in the 1970’s, Mama’s Homefried Truckstop in the 1980’s, and my current marvelous family.  When I say ‘family’, I’m talking about people who have to …

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