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Performing Without a Net

The Internet is killing live music. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!  And don’t think I’m bitter or angry.  I’ve worked plenty and I’m well-compensated, and I’ve been doing it thirty years.  No complaints here. But between the dwindling ‘pay’ presented in clubs, the all-but-complete disappearance of royalty income due to online file-sharing, and the general …

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Loving Poverty, for Fun and (Eventual) Profit

I have had the good fortune of being a member of four families in my life: the one I was born into, the Alwaan housing co-op we started in Austin in the 1970’s, Mama’s Homefried Truckstop in the 1980’s, and my current marvelous family.  When I say ‘family’, I’m talking about people who have to …

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The Night Has 1,000 Eyes. Mostly Red.

Last night, I performed with legendary pianist/bon vivant/local treasure James Polk’s Centerpeace sextet at the Elephant Room.  During one number, we had a surprise guest appearance by none other than ZZ Tap. No, not ZZ Top.  We don’t let them into the Elephant Room.  I said ZZ Tap, which is the stage name for tap …

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