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Fun with Cashews

OK, so we just came off 10 days with Dr. Mark Hyman’s Detox Diet.  Pretty simple!  All you have to cut out is sugar, flour, wheat, corn, dairy, grains, fruits and fruit juices, legumes, starchy vegetables, and the will to live.  That leaves protein (now in the 4-ounce fun size!), non-starchy vegetables, and existential angst. Just kidding.  It …


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MelBurgers Revealed

Well, I found the recipe I had tucked away for MelBurgers.  After reviewing it, I realize why I haven’t made them often since retiring from restaurants.  They are a lot of work to prep.  Best when you are preparing for a large group, or you can form patties and freeze between wax paper.  If refrigerating …

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Turkey Neck Stew

Cookin’ me up a big pot of turkey neck stew.  I’ve never done it before, but I heard somebody talking about it the other day and it sounded delicious, so why not? I’ve been cooking all  my life.  Which isn’t to say I’m a great cook, but I’m willing to eat my mistakes.  There was …

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Haute Qui-sine

  So I’m looking through my new issue of Austin Monthly, a must-have local publication (because it was offered on a Groupon), when I ran across a recipe by local celebrity chef Paul Qui.  Quickly realizing the opportunity to make a truly horrible headline pun, I decide to give it a whirl.  Like many professional …

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