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Working musician? Live in Austin? Join Local 433!

Every year on Labor Day, I reflect on what it means to belong to a labor union. Really, I think about it a lot more often than that.  I think about it every time I read another headline about workers being laid off, about factories shutting down, about jobs being outsourced overseas.  I think about …

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Sounds Great! Could You Turn It Down?

No. Or more accurately, of course we can turn it down.  But why do you want us to?  We’re barely above a conversational level now. Why do people hire professional musicians and then put asinine restrictions on their ability to perform their job well?  I don’t get it.  You’re paying top dollar for this.  Don’t …

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How To Do What We Do

From time to time, an email arrives in my inbox from a jazz group in another part of the country interested in starting a school program such as the AJW in their area, and asking for advice.  Like this one: “I would really appreciate any advice that you have about starting a program that focuses …

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