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The Clueless Cook

Now that I have changed what I allow myself to eat by a factor of–oh, let’s say a zillion–I have assumed responsibility for preparing virtually everything that goes into my mouth.  We may eat out occasionally, but even then I am very careful when ordering, to the point of deconstructing the menu, sometimes to the …

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Fun with Cashews, Pt. 2: Curried Cashew Cauliflower Soup

My saga with the 10-Day Detox continues, now in its 2oth day.  Dr. Hyman has taken my body hostage and will only release it for a box of Hostess Ding-Dongs. For those keeping score at home, I’m now down 10 pounds.  Halfway to my goal of Good God, Nothing Fits Anymore. When last we met, …

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Fun with Cashews

OK, so we just came off 10 days with Dr. Mark Hyman’s Detox Diet.  Pretty simple!  All you have to cut out is sugar, flour, wheat, corn, dairy, grains, fruits and fruit juices, legumes, starchy vegetables, and the will to live.  That leaves protein (now in the 4-ounce fun size!), non-starchy vegetables, and existential angst. Just kidding.  It …

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