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Performing Without a Net

The Internet is killing live music. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!  And don’t think I’m bitter or angry.  I’ve worked plenty and I’m well-compensated, and I’ve been doing it thirty years.  No complaints here. But between the dwindling ‘pay’ presented in clubs, the all-but-complete disappearance of royalty income due to online file-sharing, and the general …

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My Fitzcarraldo Season

Actually, it’s the Count Basie season.  But the parallels are there. In case you missed the 1980’s (and who could blame you, really?), Fitzcarraldo is an epic motion picture by the great director Werner Herzog, who insisted on living firsthand the madness he put on film.  In this case, he insisted on moving a 320-ton steamship …

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Dances with Dinosaurs

I saw recently that my old junior high band director, Gene Stephenson, had come out of retirement and is teaching at Coastal Bend College in his native Beeville.  I credit Mr. Stephenson with essentially handing me my livelihood.  He must be somewhere in his mid-70’s by now.  I’m glad to see he’s still musically active. …

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