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Fast, Cheap, and Easy

Now that I’ve been hanging with the Dr. Mark Hyman Detox Plan for the past three months and dropped 28 pounds, people have started getting curious.  As in, “What the hell has gotten into you?” Or more usually, “How did you do it?”  I mean, this Hyman guy has a whole book of recipes, but …

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Fun with Cashews

OK, so we just came off 10 days with Dr. Mark Hyman’s Detox Diet.  Pretty simple!  All you have to cut out is sugar, flour, wheat, corn, dairy, grains, fruits and fruit juices, legumes, starchy vegetables, and the will to live.  That leaves protein (now in the 4-ounce fun size!), non-starchy vegetables, and existential angst. Just kidding.  It …

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