Fast, Cheap, and Easy

four horsemen of the apocalypse

The Four Horsemen, in all their glory.

Now that I’ve been hanging with the Dr. Mark Hyman Detox Plan for the past three months and dropped 28 pounds, people have started getting curious.  As in, “What the hell has gotten into you?”

Or more usually, “How did you do it?”  I mean, this Hyman guy has a whole book of recipes, but they seem overly complicated to me.  And I don’t miss food prepared in elaborate combinations, I’m more into simple combinations of organic ingredients, plus one meal of raw food a day.  Still, every now and then you want that tang of heat and blended flavors.

Trouble is, I’m too lazy to work hard at it.  Which is why my new favorite thing is: The Four Horsemen of Savory Flavor (pictured above).

Here is how I put them to work.  This meal is quick, delicious, and contains no forbidden items from the Hyman List of No-No’s (a long one, but mainly remember–no grains).

1 large zucchini squash

1 medium tomato

1 small red onion

1/3 pound extra firm tofu, cubed

3 cups chopped beet greens, stalks removed (optional, but they really add a lot)

oil to saute

The Four Horsemen

Heat the oil in a cast-iron skillet.  Chop the onion medium fine, slice the zucchini longways down the middle and then cut into half-moons.  Not too thin, you don’t want them to wilt into wussie-veggies.

When the oil is hot, add both to the skillet, stir, and cover.  While cooking, chop the tomato into coarse chunks, and add them in along with the tofu cubes.  Stir it in.

So far, the actual cooking time has been about two minutes.  But don’t worry, here’s where the pace picks up.

Sprinkle in some tamari, making sure to aim for the tofu.  Follow it with the balsamic vinegar.  Lastly, the beet greens, and give it all a good stir.

Cover, turn the heat either off or down, depending on how your zucchini is looking.  One more minute max should do it for heat.  Let sit about two minutes, or one if you’re hungry and can’t sit around all day waiting for greens to wilt.

Uncover and pour a smidge of the chili and sesame oils in.  Stir and cover again, and let them get acquainted for a minute or two.

Uncover and serve.  The whole process, with chopping, has taken less than ten minutes.

Proportions of the Four Horsemen?  Up to you, but I tend to go a little heavier on the tamari up front and basically equivalent on everything else.  To keep it from getting too oily, I pour with a light hand.  But there’s nothing wrong with fat in DeTox Land.  It’s starches and sugars that are the third rail.

One thing you will notice missing is any additional spices.  The Four Horsemen are more than enough to satisfy.

Variations?  Additions or subtractions?  Let me know what works for you.




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