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The Clueless Cook

Now that I have changed what I allow myself to eat by a factor of–oh, let’s say a zillion–I have assumed responsibility for preparing virtually everything that goes into my mouth.  We may eat out occasionally, but even then I am very careful when ordering, to the point of deconstructing the menu, sometimes to the …

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Fun with Cashews, Pt. 2: Curried Cashew Cauliflower Soup

My saga with the 10-Day Detox continues, now in its 2oth day.  Dr. Hyman has taken my body hostage and will only release it for a box of Hostess Ding-Dongs. For those keeping score at home, I’m now down 10 pounds.  Halfway to my goal of Good God, Nothing Fits Anymore. When last we met, …

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Indian Food Made Easy. No, like, Ridiculously Easy.

First off, I know almost nothing about the true preparation of Indian food.  I have no Indian friends or even acquaintances.  I’m no longer a UT student, and in my neck of the woods, Indians tend to keep pretty much to themselves.  Which is just as well, because if they saw how I was cooking …

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